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Birthdate:Jan 7
Website:My Deviant Art
I'm to old to admit it publicly but young enough to still have more than one candle on my b-day cake.
I'm a business woman during day but turn into Drarry-shipper at night.

I went through all stages of HP fangirl developement. First I've found some fics on and then discovered LJ. For couple of years I was just lurking around, never posting anything - just reading but then as my addiction got better of me I began to write (I beg you to forgive me that!) and doodling.
Piece by piece I've finally developed my own art style and found a way to express my love of Drarry (although I had a brief fascination with AS/S as well). Once I've started I don't think I'll stop. (Though if you're underage I'll have to block some posts from you - sorry)

Since I'm an attention whore - your comments are deeply appreciated.
If you want to friend me DO IT! DO IT NOW!! I love how amazing whole LJ community is and I'll welcome you with my arms wide open :D

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